About us

.. or minutes of growth:

 2003, Early Years - Europe, Cyprus and Tunisia:

Long interest in ATV’s as a fun mobile (toy), in 2003-2004 first market research for reliable suppliers and producers of low priced ATV's, first contacts with suppliers established, especially the Chinese suppliers were very aggressively promoting their products. Lots of quality assessment and test drives, also in Tunisia. 

Conclusion: Brand name products way to expensive for re-selling and quality not as promising as the brand name suggests. Cheap far east products under various brand names available, some lasting longer, some not. No re-selling company was established and the files were put into the acts. 


2014-2016, Belize - jungle and more:

2014-2015: Purchase attempt of ATV’s in Belize for own purposes were not successful as no local supplier could be located who offered the "best bang for the buck". Either far overpriced with low quality or not available at all, made us grab our files out of the acts again. Suppliers were quickly identified. First purchase of test units from TaoTao in the US followed by extensive jungle tests and quality checks in Belize. Finances for a bigger purchase were available so a bigger test order was completed. The test batch arrived in Belize and sold out in 2 months without big advertisement, even to persons holding important government positions. Sales were conducted from private to private out of a car port. 

Mouflon Carts Belize in Maya Mopan


2016, Belize - serious biz:

Due to the overwhelming demand, we established Emerald Creations Ltd. (2016)  In the following the brand Mouflon Carts (Mouflon = Mountain Sheep) was registered by Emerald Creations Ltd. followed by the allocation of a TIN number and acquiring a local business account with the allowance of the Central Bank of Belize. Emerald Creations Ltd. soon established friendly and trustful business relationships with a local broker, logistic partners, mechanical partners and sales agents. A first 20ft container was ordered from KAXA MOTOS and another one from TAOMotors. Sales, especially in winter months, the touristic high season, went through the roof. At this moment Mouflon Carts Belize had its location in a backyard of Maya Mopan and was selling out of two 20ft containers. As Mouflon Carts we attended many fairs such as Hopkins Mango Fest, the Sapnish Lookout Fair, AGRI and Belmopan Business Fair. Due to its popularity and wide social media reach out, different quality suppliers such as LINHAI, CFMoto, TGB and ADLY contacted Emerald Creations Ltd. asking to be a local sales agent for their brands. 

 Spanish Lookout Fair

Hopkins Mango Fest

2019, Belize - showroom, LINHAI and more:

In 2019, we decided that we needed to grow more and have place for more storage, servicing, motorsport accessories and react to customer demands who asked for viewing and test drives. In a very central location of Belmopan, with the prominent address "Constitution Drive 1", a showroom could be acquired. The showroom offers a closed but very well illuminated viewing area of 100 m² and additional storage space of 400 m². The property has ideal parking options and offers space for complimentary test drives. Shortly after the showroom acquisition our first test order from LINHAI arrived, to our positive surprise the quality was unmatched from everything we had seen up to this date. After the test order we ordered a second container  from LINHAI and filled the showroom. At the moment Mouflon Carets Belize is still growing and is establishing further partnerships.  

Mouflon Carts Belize Showroom Inside

Mouflon Carts Showroom Outside View

⇒ Today, Mouflon Carts is already the No.1 ATV supplier in Belize, looking to expand its sales into neighboring countries.

The owners background is Mechanical Engineering, the freelance Master Craftsman responsible for sales and servicing has learned at VW, PORSCHE and AUDI.